In the ever-changing world of food and beverage production, precise measurement serves as the foundation of operational excellence. Meeting strict standards for product consistency, complying with regulations, prioritising worker safety, and preserving the environment all depend on accurate measurement.

Precision measurement allows for the precise quantification of ingredients, monitors production rates, and streamlines manufacturing processes. This, in turn, leads to optimised use of resources and ultimately, increased profitability.

Since every stage of the manufacturing process relies on accurate measurements for optimal performance, sensors continuously monitor factors such as flow rates, particle size, and temperature, allowing for real-time adjustments and ensuring operational efficiency.

Monitoring tank levels, flow rates, and pressure helps detect and address potential risks proactively, while precise stockpile measurements prevent overloading and overfilling. Optimal measurement practices, from equipment selection to maintenance scheduling, offer substantial cost savings in the long run.

By optimising processes through accurate measurement, manufacturers reduce energy consumption, minimise downtime, and extend equipment lifetimes, ultimately improving profitability.

With global pressure to reduce environmental impact, measurement plays a crucial role in monitoring water usage, by-products, and potential pollutants. Real-time data enables swift adjustments, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering responsible resource management.

VEGA offers specialised measuring instrumentation that is designed to address the needs of the Food and Beverage industries. These instruments offer a perfect blend of compactness, flexibility, hygiene, and ease of use, without compromising on the renowned reliability and performance associated with the VEGA brand.

The VEGABAR series of pressure sensors and switches caters to various standard pressure measurement applications. Their compact size and flexible design make them ideal for space-constrained environments, while their hygienic construction ensures product purity and simplifies cleaning procedures.

The VEGAPOINT series of level switches offers adaptability and user-friendliness for diverse level measurement tasks. Their intuitive operation and clear status display enable operators to react quickly to process changes, while their robust design ensures reliable performance even during rigorous CIP and SIP cleaning processes.

The VEGAPULS 6X is the ideal sensor for non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk solids in simple to merate applications. The optional universal connection for hygienic adapters ensures reduced installation effort and leaner stock-keeping and perfectly fulfils the requirements for hygienic processes in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. With IO-Link, it offers continuous digital data transmission.

VEGA offers advanced and reliable measurement solutions designed to meet the needs of modern manufacturing. From cutting-edge radiometric density measurement to instruments with optimal IP ratings for maximum protection.

Partnering with VEGA guarantees improved optimisation, efficiency, and safety. Investing in reliable measurement systems goes beyond just an expense; it represents an investment in the future.

By leveraging the power of data and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, manufacturing facilities can ensure responsible resource utilisation, elevate safety standards, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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