Peanut butter is a kitchen staple in South Africa and has evolved into a highly industrialized product in today’s commercial market. As manufacturers strive to meet growing demands while maintaining quality and consistency, the need for precise level measurement in batch filler vessels has grown drastically.

The production of commercial peanut butter involves a blend of factors, from roasting peanuts for the flavour to incorporating additives like sugar, salt, and oils for taste and shelf life.

These variations in ingredients and processing methods create complexities that demand great attention to detail, especially during the filling and packaging stages.

In response to these challenges, the use of advanced instrumentation for level measurement has emerged as a critical aspect of peanut butter production.

With production challenges like the changing product density and viscosity, condensation in the vessels and the presence of agitators, the task of ensuring optimal filling levels becomes both essential and intricate.

VEGA offers a tailored approach to address the specific needs of peanut butter and similar products. The VEGAPULS 42 radar sensor stands out as a compact yet powerful tool for continuous level measurement in vessels of varying sizes.

Designed to operate reliably in challenging environments, the VEGAPULS 42 utilizes 80 GHz radar technology, providing accurate readings even in vessels with limited space. Its non-contact operation minimizes the risk of contamination and ensures maintenance-free performance, crucial for food processing applications.

One of the key advantages of the VEGAPULS 42 is its versatility in handling changing product densities and temperatures. Whether dealing with peanut butter, chocolate spread, or other viscous substances, this sensor delivers consistent results, contributing to efficient production processes.

The integration of IO-Link functionality enables seamless connectivity with existing control systems, facilitating smooth operation and monitoring. This capability enhances overall efficiency and enables real-time adjustments to optimize filling levels and minimize waste.

In addition to addressing technical challenges, the VEGAPULS 42 offers practical benefits for manufacturers, such as easy installation and setup. Its compact design allows for flexible placement within production facilities, ensuring compatibility with various equipment configurations.

The accurate measurement of peanut butter levels in filler vessels is crucial for maintaining product quality, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing downtime. With innovative solutions like the VEGAPULS 42, manufacturers can meet these demands with confidence, ensuring consistent results and customer satisfaction in every jar.


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