These rugged and flexible instruments enable continuous visual process monitoring and are designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, including primary and secondary metals manufacturing, carbon processing and silicon production.

The Endurance Series pyrometers provide a robust solution for manufacturers seeking to improve product quality and uniformity, reduce reject rates, maximize throughput, and minimize energy costs.

They offer superior optical resolution (up to 150:1) for viewing critical process operations, as well as innovative tools to help make better sense of production data.

Multiple lens, sighting and focus options are available for different mounting distance and sighting needs.

For example, on-board camera video sighting via Ethernet ensures the sensor is always sighted properly for remote and control room viewing.

On-board laser sighting can be used to verify process alignment for local viewing when the sensor is located in a hard-to-reach area.

On-board light-emitting diode (LED) sighting makes it easy to view the actual spot size projected on the target.

The Endurance Series pyrometers are also exceptionally versatile and easy to install. Their broad temperature range covers an entire process with fewer units.

The sensors operate with either Power over Ethernet (PoE) or DC power, and interface to various bus systems (Ethernet, Profinet and RS-485). An intuitive rear-panel user interface simplifies navigation.

PC-based Endurance setup and monitoring software simplifies configuration and deployment, and a built-in web server enables archiving of historical data for traceability and process troubleshooting.

The SpotScan™ line scanning accessory enables measurement over a larger target object versus a single spot the accessory features an innovative scanning mechanism that enables users to gather temperature data over a larger area on the target.

The SpotScan line scanning accessory helps optimize the performance of IR thermometers in applications ranging from metals processing and induction heating to carbon graphite production.

It is especially well-suited for web and conveyor hot spot or cold spot monitoring.

With the SpotScan accessory, industrial facilities can continue to utilize the advanced optics of their Fluke Process Instruments IR temperature sensors to achieve small spot sizes on the measurement target, but also “spot sweep” over the target to see a larger area—thus obtaining additional information on critical production processes.

Users can see a hot spot over a larger area and continuously monitor the analog output for temperature variations that exceed defined limits.

All Endurance Series pyrometers are offered with a best-in-class four-year warranty.


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