Operators and technicians interacting with pH, ORP, or conductivity in classified areas are at risk and must take various steps to operate safely. Working in hazardous areas can make obtaining accurate measurements harder.

Flammable substances in hazardous areas increase the risk of explosions and fires, which can have catastrophic consequences.

Technicians must follow certain safety protocols to work in these hazardous areas. Consequently, operators must adjust tasks such as installations and maintenance to follow these protocols.

As a result, operators are responsible for obtaining permits to conduct day-to-day maintenance and installations when performing work in hazardous areas without properly approved equipment.

 cCare: The Only Intrinsically Safe Automatic Cleaning System

Automated measuring systems offer numerous benefits in reducing human exposure to hazardous areas in various industries. Knick’s cCare systems are the only automated systems carrying Ex ratings such as ATEX and FM (Class I Div. II).

Furthermore, these systems utilize advanced technology to minimize the need for manual intervention, vastly reducing the risks associated with human presence in dangerous environments.

Operators need only enter the area when it is time to replace a sensor or refill its buffer or cleaning solutions. Calibrations, customizable programs, and cleaning cycles can be configured remotely.

The cCare system is designed for easy integration into an existing safety program, featuring multiple customizable features and the option for digital BUS network compatibility.

Programming the accompanying Protos transmitter allows for a customized cleaning and calibration cycle best suited for your application. Operators can also remotely activate the Unical 9000 by the control system. cCare allows operators to fulfill their needs for pH automation in hazardous areas.

Key Benefits of the Knick cCare System  

  • Increase the service life of the pH measuring loop
  • Higher yield with less lost product
  • Significantly reduce maintenance time & costs
  • Maximize process uptime
  • Optimize process management
  • pH Automation in Hazardous areas

Process Challenges:

  • Suspended solids
  • Aggressive or hazardous media
  • Difficult sensor location for ideal measurement

Processes Requiring:

  • Frequent manual cleaning
  • Frequent sensor calibrations due to drift
  • Frequent sensor replacement due to buildup and wear
  • Hazardous area approval


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