The mini CORI-FLOW MI-series is a specialized product line designed for (chemical) research pilot plants. It is ideal for accurately measuring and controlling low-flow in heavy-duty industrial applications, including hazardous (Zone 2) areas and up to pollution degree 3.

This compact and rugged flow instrument ensures high accuracy measurement and control of low mass flow rates, providing fluid temperature and density as secondary output.

With its integrated PID controller functionality, the mini CORI-FLOW MI-series is a reliable instrument that can adapt to various challenging requirements.

Its durable and weatherproof housing guarantees a long lifetime, while the versatile electronics support a wide range of valves, pumps, and communication options.

Now, Bronkhorst is excited to announce the release of the MI-series MkII providing the complete range of features for MI130 and MI140.

The Ex-certification procedure has been completed.

The MI-series MkII has a number of new features:

  • Robust sight glass in top cover to check the LEDs.
  • Improved housing and top cover with high-grade anodised aluminium alloy (EN AW-6082-T6).
  • FKM sealings and breather plug in the enclosure make it suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions.
  • Ex-certification for Europe (ATEX), for United Kingdom (UKEx) and for other countries (IECEx), category 3, zone 2/22 or EPL Gc/Dc.
  • Wetted parts are all made of stainless steel and are therefore generally recognized as safe (FDA)

The sensor, electronics, and body remain unchanged, ensuring robustness and proven technology.

To emphasize the differences between the first version and this new version, Bronkhorst uses the term ‘MI-series MkII’ and applied new article numbers.

The MI-series MkII opens new doors, in particular in the market niche ‘pilot/mini plants in Ex zone 2/22’.


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