Kinetrol is pleased to announce the introduction of its fast acting actuator booster blocks, specially developed to deliver super-fast operating times for larger actuators (model 16 to 60 actuators).

The fast acting actuator booster blocks have 2” inlets, with each block directly mounting onto the side of the actuator and driven by a 5/2 solenoid valve.

Features and Benefits:           

  • Available on actuator sizes 16, 18, 21, 30 & 60 (1.7K to 40K Nm)
  • Each block assembly acts as high CV 3/2 solenoid valve
  • 90° travel time in 2 seconds at 80% load
  • No external piping – direct mounts to actuator air ports
  • Three block sizes with CVs from 30 to 180
  • Standard 5/2 Namur solenoid valve, single or dual coil pilot each valve (ATEX and FM options available)    Tested to over 1 million actuator cycles
  • Both double acting actuator (two blocks) or single acting, spring return actuator (one block).
  • Block A – SIL 2 capable. Blocks B & C, redundancy built in – SIL3


Zjaan Haarhoff  / Andre Anker


Tel. +27 11 708 6455 /

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