The VEICHI industrial HMI VI20 series is a new generation of IOT Human Machine Interfaces with an industrial ABS plastic shell and high reliability. The new model comes with a more practical down-cable approach and is better looking resulting in a more satisfying interface.

The higher-resolution models are also available with the Flink-IOT module for Industry 4 smart manufacturing applications. The user can upgrade the VI20 IOT HMI immediately and enjoy a complete and convenient industrial IOT cloud platform service.

With the Flink IOT capability, the user can remotely download the PLC, monitor Data, Historical Data Queries, and Alarm Configuration. The Veichi VI20 HMI supports edge computing and has powerful embedded runtime software.

VI20 HMI’s are available in 4’, 7’, 10’, and 15’ models with color resolutions from 16 bit to 65K, resulting in high-quality displays. Most of the Veichi HMI’s have touch screen available for ease of operation.

These HMI units come standard with serial communication interfaces including RS232, RS485, and RS422, in different port configurations depending on the HMI model. The HMI’s are programmed through USB Slave, U Disk, or Ethernet.

The available onboard memories are model-reliant and vary from 64MB RAM + 128MB flash to 256MB flash + 512MB DDR3.


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