EXAIR’s new 316 Stainless Steel ATEX Cabinet Cooler® Systems are the latest solution for protecting sensitive electronics in ATEX classified areas.

This low cost and reliable product are UL tested, CE compliant, and meets the stringent requirements for use upon classified purged and pressurized electrical enclosures within Zones 2 and 22.

With cooling capacities up to 5,600 Btu/Hr., it’s an ideal answer for protecting electrical enclosures with problematic overheating in areas with explosive atmospheres, both indoors and outdoors.

EXAIR ATEX Cabinet Coolers produce and circulate cold air inside enclosures to prevent overheating, high temperature faults and costly shutdowns.

They easily mount via a standard electrical knockout while maintaining the NEMA 4/4X integrity of enclosures in explosible areas.

These systems include an auto-drain filter separator to ensure no water, dirt, or contaminants from the compressed air system pass into the electrical enclosure.

Thermostat controls are available to minimize compressed air use, and cold air distribution kits ensure balanced cold air flow to all areas of the enclosure.

In addition to ATEX, EXAIR carries an extensive line of Cabinet Coolers ranging from NEMA 12, 4, 4X and Hazardous Locations.

All EXAIR Cabinet Cooler Systems are CE compliant and UL listed and are built to last with no moving parts to wear out.

Applications include cooling control panels, motor control centres, CCTV cameras, laser housings and much more.



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