XECRO’s innovations and the high standard of its technology enable them to produce the thinnest and shortest sensors, quadruple sensing distances, high pressure proof, high and low temperature proof and extremely resistant proximity switches with closed stainless housings.

2-wire DC

For installations that benefit from a sensor with a 2-wire connection, for example in order to replace mechanical limit switches in an existing installation, XECRO offers a complete line of inductive proximity switches ranging from M8 to M30 and also includes 40×40.

2-wire AC

Inductive proximity switches for 2-wire AC connections are ideal to replace mechanical limit switches in applications with alternating current supply. They are available in sizes of M18 and M30, 40×40 and with sensing ranges up to 30 mm. They’re rated for 20…250 VAC.

Analog Output

XECRO sensors with analog output precisely measure distances to metal objects. They are ideal for positioning, distance measurement, metal classification, or comparable applications.

Sensors M8 incorporate a voltage output. Analog sensors ranging from M12 to M30 incorporate current and voltage outputs in one device. The current output is available in a configuration with 0…20 mA or 4…20 mA

Reverse output configurations are available on request.

Low Temperature/ Food Safe

This most complex line of inductive sensors with standard and highest sensing distances covers all regular sizes as

  • Ø6.5 mm
  • M8 x 1
  • 8×8 mm
  • M12 x 1
  • M18 x 1
  • M30 x 1.5

High Pressure Proof

Inductive sensors for high pressure applications are manufactured using two technologies.

The classic construction with a ceramic pressure plate allows pressures of up to 500 bar. It is the most widely used technology for high pressure resistant inductive sensors.

For particularly demanding applications, inductive sensors are alternatively manufactured with an extremely resistant, full metal housing, including the sensors sensing face.

Their housing is made from a solid piece of stainless steel which is suitable to resist pressure of use up to 1000 bar | 14500 psi.

High Temperature

Inductive Sensors High Temperature Proximity Switches are designed for continuous operation at temperatures of up to +180 ° C. These sensors are fully integrated and their dimensions correspond with XECRO sensors for normal temperatures.

This allows for high standardization if an existing inductive proximity switch needs to be replaced by a high temperature sensor.

High temperature Proximity Switches are available in sizes from M8 to M30 and are equipped either with silicone or Teflon® (PTFE) cable. Silicone cables are extremely flexible, making them ideal for installations where the sensor is in motion.

In contrast, PTFE has an excellent robustness but due to its reduced flexibility, PTFE cables should only be used for static installations.

Stainless Metal Face

Inductive Metal-Face sensors from XECRO are constructed with housings made of one continuous piece of stainless steel – which also includes the sensing face. The exceptional ruggedness makes them ideal sensors for environments where even long sensing ranges cannot prevent mechanical damage of the sensor.


Engineers are often faced with a particular need for sensors that fit into tight spaces. All inductive sensors of the Miniature Series are fully integrated; no external amplifier is required.

All models are equipped with reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protected switching outputs. Also, an optical switching indicator is always built-in.

3-wire DC

This most complex line of inductive sensors with standard and highest sensing distances covers all regular sizes as

  • Ø6.5 mm
  • M8 x 1
  • 8×8 mm
  • M12 x 1
  • M18 x 1
  • M30 x 1.5

This series also combines the highest sensing distances available, with extremely short housings, as e.g.

  • M8, semi-shielded, 4 mm, connector M8 in a 32 mm short housing.
  • M12, semi-shielded, 8 mm, connector M12 in a 35 mm short housing.
  • M12, semi-shielded, 8 mm, cable in a 22 mm short housing.


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