High-temperature proximity switches are engineered for continuous operation in temperatures up to +180°C.

These sensors are fully integrated, matching XECRO sensors in dimensions for normal temperatures, facilitating seamless standardization when replacing an existing inductive proximity switch with a high-temperature sensor.

The classic design features a ceramic pressure plate capable of withstanding pressures up to 500 bar, making it the go-to technology for high-pressure-resistant inductive sensors.

For the most demanding applications, they offer an alternative: inductive sensors crafted with an exceptionally resilient full-metal housing, including the sensor’s sensing face. Constructed from a single piece of stainless steel, these sensors can withstand pressures up to 1000 bar | 14500 psi.

Their Inductive Proximity Switches are designed to be food-safe, IP69k rated, and operate in temperatures as low as -40°C/°F. This comprehensive line of inductive sensors includes standard and high-sensing distance options, covering all common sizes such as Ø6.5 mm, M8 x 1, 8×8 mm, M12 x 1, M18 x 1, and M30 x 1.5.


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