With its four EL336x EtherCAT analog input terminals, Beckhoff is offering a particularly compact and cost-effective solution for integrating weighing functions into control systems. The integration of the supply voltage for the load cells is particularly advantageous.

The EL3361-0100 and EL3362-0100 EtherCAT analog input terminals feature analog inputs for the direct connection of one or two resistance bridges (strain gauges) or load cells in a 4-wire or 6-wire connection system. The 10 V sensor supply is already integrated. The analog value resolution is 24 bits and 10 ksps.

For more demanding applications, the EL3361 and EL3362 also offer a switchable sensor supply (5/10 V) and digital inputs (e.g., for tare) and outputs (e.g., for ready messages) that can be controlled either locally or via the controller.

The EL336x analog terminals are a welcome addition to Beckhoff’s existing range of weighing technology, slotting into the portfolio above the EL3351 and alongside the EL3356 with additional functionalities.

The ELM350x EtherCAT measurement terminals, which support freely adjustable filters, quarter/half bridge capability, and even higher sampling rates (also in connection with the TwinCAT 3 Weighing Library), are the ideal solution for the most demanding dynamic applications that require an even greater level of measurement technology.


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