The VEGABAR 82 isn’t your average pressure transmitter. This innovative device from VEGA, a leading name in process instrumentation, is an all-rounder designed for exceptional durability and unmatched versatility.

At its core lies the VEGABAR 82’s innovative, self-developed ceramic measuring cell. This unique technology offers a wealth of benefits:

  • Universal application:Capable of handling gases, vapours, and liquids with ease, the VEGABAR 82 thrives in diverse industrial settings.
  • Unmatched toughness:The abrasion-resistant ceramic cell tackles even challenging substances like sand without breaking a sweat.
  • Rock-solid reliability:Minimal maintenance is required thanks to the wear-free ceramic design, maximizing plant uptime.
  • Superior overload resistance:With a market-leading overload factor of 200, the VEGABAR 82 withstands extreme pressure fluctuations.
  • Precision down to the last drop:Even the smallest measuring ranges deliver exceptional accuracy, ensuring flawless process control.

The VEGABAR 82’s versatility extends beyond its robust design. Its compatibility with other VEGABAR Series 80 sensors allows for effortless configuration for electronic differential pressure measurement. This opens doors for a wider range of applications.

The VEGABAR 82 is a champion in harsh environments. Its ceramic measuring cell boasts exceptional resistance to thermal shock, making it ideal for processes with significant temperature fluctuations.

Here are just a few examples of how the VEGABAR 82 shines in various applications:

  • Wastewater treatment:Monitor feed pressure in sewage pipelines with confidence.
  • Chemical processing:Ensure overload-resistant pressure measurement in pressurized batch vessels.
  • Pulp and paper production:Maintain accurate level measurement of paper pulp in bleaching towers to prevent pump damage.
  • Distillation:Monitor negative pressure within distillation columns, even in absolute vacuum conditions.

With its unmatched reliability, exceptional versatility, and robust design, the VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitter is a powerful tool for any industry. Experience the VEGA difference and elevate your process control to a whole new level.


Miguel Petersen

Vega Controls SA (Pty) Ltd
Tel. +27 11 795 3249

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