Ensuring the quality and safety of milk throughout the production process is of the utmost importance in the dairy industry. This is especially relevant during storage, where raw milk is held at a cool temperature before further processing.

Process instrumentation plays a vital role in this stage by providing accurate measurements of level, pressure, and point level to guarantee optimal storage conditions.

Maintaining Milk Quality through Precise Measurement

In the heart of dairy operations lies the critical process of raw milk storage. Here, the incoming milk is kept chilled at 4°C and continuously stirred to prevent spoilage. Three key measurements are essential for this process to run smoothly namely level measurement, pressure measurement and point-level detection.

Monitoring the level of milk in the tank is essential to prevent overflows and ensure there’s enough product for processing.

Maintaining a slight overpressure within the tank safeguards the milk from contamination with external elements, whereas a point-level detection system acts as a failsafe, preventing the tank from overfilling or dry-run.

Considering the Challenges of the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry poses specific challenges when it comes to selecting suitable process instrumentation in the form of stringent hygienic requirements.

All equipment in contact with milk must comply with strict hygiene regulations to prevent bacterial growth and contamination. This necessitates the use of certified materials that meet FDA and EC 1935/2004 standards.

Ensuring Reliable and Hygienic Milk Storage

The VEGABAR pressure transmitters are suitable for hygienic applications. They are an asset in the dairy industry and have been used with success for measuring the milk level and the process pressure in storage tanks.

These instruments are constructed with FDA and EC 1935/2004-compliant materials and guarantee a hygienic operation. The diaphragm can easily handle high pressures and is resistant to the vacuum that is created during the tank cleaning cycles.

The VEGABAR 83 offers universal use due to the welded measuring cell. It is ideal for maintaining hygiene as the seal-less design eliminates the risk of contamination from milk contacting the seal.

Traditional pressure measurement often relies on complex capillary lines, which can be challenging to install and difficult to maintain. The VEGABAR series takes a simpler approach by utilizing electronic differential pressure measurement, eliminating the need for capillaries.

For point level detection, the VEGASWING 61 is a versatile vibrating level switch that offers several advantages in the form of reliable detection, with a universal application and low maintenance costs.

This switch precisely detects the limit level of the milk with millimetre accuracy, regardless of mounting position and is suitable for various liquids, maximizing process control.

It can function as an empty or full detector, ensuring proper overfill protection, and dry run prevention in the storage tanks and pipelines.

The VEGASWING 61 is adaptable to each dairy’s individual needs, as it offers various process fittings, housings and approvals. It can be configured to fit specific application requirements with ease.

Process instrumentation is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safe and efficient storage of raw milk in dairy production. To achieve this goal, dairy producers rely on advanced tools such as the VEGABAR 83 and VEGASWING 61.

These instruments provide highly accurate and reliable measurements of critical parameters, as well as detect any potential issues such as overfilling or leakages. By using these instruments, dairy producers can optimize their processes and ensure that the milk is stored hygienically, which ultimately leads to the production of high-quality dairy products.

The VEGABAR 83 and VEGASWING 61 are indispensable tools for dairy producers who want to maintain the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and quality in their production processes.


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