With a new generation of EtherCAT analog terminals in the compact HD (high-density) housing, Beckhoff is significantly enhancing the performance of the previous IP20 I/Os in this area. With up to eight channels and an impressive 16-bit resolution, the seven terminals cover a wide range of applications and offer excellent value for money.

The new generation of analog terminals includes the EL4374, the first combined Beckhoff analog input/output terminal (10 V / 20 mA or 20/0/+4 to +20 mA) compatible with a conversion rate of 2 ksps per channel. The two inputs and outputs can be individually parameterized for current or voltage operation via TwinCAT (via CoE).

With a technical measuring range of ±107% of the nominal range, this terminal also supports commissioning with sensor values in the limit range and evaluation in accordance with NAMUR NE43. The outputs can provide up to 107% of the nominal value, and the high output power allows a load of up to 750 Ω at 20 mA.

The same features are offered by the EL3072 and EL3074 analog input terminals, which now have 16-bit resolution (previously 12-bit) as 10 V / 20 mA universal inputs.

The EL3072 is equipped with two individually parameterizable inputs, while the EL3074 has four.

Another new feature is the EL3078 version, which facilitates the use of eight channels in the same compact HD housing. The higher resolution and expansion to eight channels have also been implemented for the analog output terminals, namely with the EL4072, EL4074, and EL4078.


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