The Brabender ViscoQuick viscometer is compact, reliable, and delivers results 25 % faster than comparable devices. It’s specialized in measurement for larger sample quantities (5 g to 15 g / 100 mL to 110 mL) that require higher torques (0.25 Nm).

The integrated PC, touchscreen, and temperature control system (Peltier) optimize lab space and reduce costs for periphery. Heating and cooling rates of +20 °C / -15 °C per minute ensure short measuring times (e.g., starch gelatinization below 10 minutes). And the MetaBridge software allows access and data export from any device.

ViscoQuick enables real-time dosing of substances and rapid rheological determination at temperatures below 20 °C. And its comprehensive database supports a wide range of applications while delivering a user-friendly, automated experience.

All of this makes the ViscoQuick an intuitive solution for quick quality checks and formulation development of, for example, starch and flour. It’s ready-to-use right out of the box and doesn’t require a comprehensive installation process.

Our flour and starch measurement instruments lead the way

  • Know you’re using an instrument from the established market leader in the flour and starch measurement field
  • Communicate in the established flour and starch measurement language, Brabender Units (BU), or a universal unit such as cP and mPas

Exchange waiting times for productivity

  • Save time with ViscoQuick’s rapid heating and cooling rates (+20 °C/min | -15 °C/min)
  • Obtain measuring results 25 % faster than any other solution on the market

MetaBridge: Streamlined data access

  • Access your measurements from any device and location via web browser
  • Export and send data to colleagues and third-party systems such as LIMS and ERP, or even send results by email

Reliable results below 20 °C

  • Unlike conventional devices that can only cool to 50 °C, ViscoQuick can reach temperatures lower than 20 °C in a very short time
  • Cool down to the temperature at which food will be consumed or processed

Real-time dosing for added substance insight

  • Dose during the process and get immediate insights into the effects of added substances Monitor and adjust your process in real time

No periphery: Save cost and lab space

  • Compact design with integrated tempering system, PC, and touchscreen
  • Precise Peltier temperature control system with direct heating and cooling minimizing temperature gradients.


Lorin Renaud
Anton Paar Southern Africa
Tel. +27 10 443 0965
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