The VC5 series PLC is a new generation of bus high-performance PLC developed by VeichI. Using its dual-core architecture technology, it has powerful motion control capabilities, the fastest communication cycle is 250μs, and the synchronization time accuracy is ±80ns.

EtherCAT bus motion control of up to 32 real axes can be realized. It can meet the requirements of belt shaft capacity and strict cost control requirements, reducing the pressure on manufacturing.

The VC5 supports advanced industrial Ethernet support, distributed operation of master and slave stations, convenient installation, and shortened information transmission cycle.

The communication speed is fast, and the synchronization time is short. The operation control modes such as straight line, arc, and cam are supported.

The VC5 supports EtherCAT, Ethernet (Modbus-TCP, TCP/IP), CANopen, RS485 (Modbus, free protocol), RS232, and Type-C. The units support the N:N protocol independently developed by VEICHI.

Multi-level network communication can be realized. In the occasions where there is information interaction with servo, vision, robot, code scanning gun, MES, etc., it brings all-around efficiency improvement for manufacturing.

The CPU module provides multiple serial communication ports, with a bit rate of up to 115.2k.

The Veichi VC5 supports multiple programming languages making programming easier and supports function block programming. LD, SFC, FB function block instructions and other programming methods are also supported while subroutines are automatically generated and executed.
The VC5 series also supports oscilloscope function debugging.


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