The type 2000 2/2-way angle seat valve CLASSIC consists of a pneumatically activated piston actuator and a streamlined gunmetal valve body or one made of precision cast stainless steel.

The self-adjusting spindle seal with integrated wiper provides optimal protection for the spindle and actuator against aggressive media and dirt.

This enables low-maintenance operation and ensures a long service life even with high switching cycles. Only components made from tested materials are used in manufacturing.

The Type 2000 is particularly renowned for its robust actuator and prominent level of reliability.

What role will it play in your process?

Depending on the process and customer requirements, the valve can be individually adjusted – e.g. the flow rate, the process connection or the actuator and housing material can be selected.

The Type 2000 is available up to the extraordinary nominal diameter DN80.

Where will the 2/2-way angle seat valve be used?

For decades, the type 2000 angle seat valve has been used worldwide to shut off gaseous and liquid media in various applications.

The Type 2000 is created in very efficient and quality-assured work processes.

Application areas of the Type 2000:

  • in steam applications, e.g. sterilisation of food items and CIP cleaning
  • in water and wastewater treatment
  • in the bottling of drinks and food items
  • in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in medical applications
  • in machines in the textile industry, e.g. in the manufacture of clothing
  • in the washing and cleaning industry
  • and in many other areas


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