In the complex landscape of industrial plant operations, precision is paramount, especially when it comes to weld inspections to test for structural integrity of pipes. This test is also known as NDT (nondestructive testing). The use of high activity gamma sources for these inspections is a common practice.

However, this poses a major challenge for radiometric level and density measurements as they are highly susceptible to strong interference radiation, leading to potential inaccuracies and safety deficiencies.

Berthold has the ideal answer to this challenge – X-Ray Interference Protection (XIP). In a market where maximum precision is required, this technology clearly stands out as it guarantees the reliability of measurements despite external interference radiation.

Berthold is the only supplier of radiometric measurement technology providing an integrated protection against interference radiation due to nondestructive weld inspections.

The principle behind XIP is simple but effective. When external interference radiation is detected, the process value is immediately frozen until the interference subsides. During this frozen state, a binary signal is emitted to alert the control room to the presence of interference radiation.

This not only ensures the accuracy of measurements, but also provides real-time information to the operating personnel, enabling swift response and intervention.

As soon as the NDT interference radiation has disappeared the Berthold system automatically returns from frozen state into normal operation and reliably provides the current process value to the DCS.

The integrated XIP technology clearly distinguishes Berthold in this area. None of the competition currently offers an integrated protection against interference radiation, which is no trivial matter for industrial plants employing radiometric measurements.

Strong interference radiation poses a serious threat to the detector electronics and can lead to irreparable damage of the instruments if no protection is provided.

Separate X-ray detector or mechanical devices mitigate this risk, adding complexity and potential points of failure to the system especially for long measuring ranges or when high count rates are present.

It is worth highlighting that Berthold’s commitment to precision and safety extends across the company’s entire range of density, level switch and level measurement products; all are equipped with XIP as a standard feature.

This proactive approach not only sets a new standard in the industry, but also underlines Berthold’s commitment to deliver reliable and accurate solutions to their customers.

In conclusion, Berthold’s X-Ray Interference Protection XIP not only addresses a critical need in the industry but elevates the standards for precision and safety in industrial processes.

Berthold emerges as a trusted partner, ensuring that measurements remain accurate, reliable, and without failure in case of external interference radiation.


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