Investing in cranes and associated lifting equipment is probably one of the most important CAPEX expenditures that a company can budget for. It makes sense then to ensure that the maintenance programming reduces downtime, is solution and predictive driven and cost efficient.

Konecranes and Demag, one of the world’s leading lifting equipment specialists, offer the latest in live online data driven strategies for maintenance inspection, repair and monitoring through their Lifecycle Care Services.

Lifecycle Care is a real-time comprehensive and systematic approach to managing customer assets that connects data, machines and people to deliver a digitally-enabled customer experience.

Crane experts apply a systematic Risk and Recommendation Method and a consultative, planning and review process to drive continuous improvement in safety and productivity.

“We are very aware of the impact maintenance and breakdowns can have on production levels in industries where downtime needs to be kept to a minimum” commented Ian Grobler, Sales Manager for Konecranes and Demag South Africa.

“This is why we have introduced our Lifecycle Care in Real Time initiative which is specifically designed to maximise the productivity of uptime and minimise the costs of downtime. This strategic approach enables us to achieve the highest lifecycle value for our customers” he said.

“Our customer engagement philosophy is to ‘Partner Up’, meaning that we walk the lifespan of their lifting equipment with them. We take cogniscence of our customers’ requirements and challenges in a way that gives them the best possible solution for the most productive output at the most efficient levels.

“Our Lifecyle Care approach does just that. It delivers benefits that include better data maintenance management; assistance with statutory safety compliances and the establishment of 360-degree maintenance plans based on the latest data analysis tools to highlight but a few.

“We use this data along with our knowledge and experience to provide insights that allow our customers to optimise their maintenance operations and activities.” said Grobler.

What is the Lifecycle Care Process?

The Lifecycle Care process comprises:

  • Inspection and Prevenatative Maintenance – regular inspections and preventive maintenance activities help identify risks and opportunities for improvement while supporting compliance.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Remote Monitoring – Predictive Maintenance utilises condition monitoring, advanced inspections, and data analytics to predict component or equipment failure. Our TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring is a key element of this element.
  • Corrective Maintenance and Retrofits – addresses safety and productivity issues and capitalises on improvement opportunities through timely repairs, replacing components and/or adding new technology to your crane.
  • Consultation Services – these services take a deeper look at a company’s crane equipment. These services use advanced technology and trained specialists to uncover critical issues and help to guide decision making.
  • Modernisation Services – Modernisations are tailored upgrades or modifications designed to extend the service life of your overhead crane and meet current regulatory, maintenance and production requirements.
  • New Equipment and Spares – In terms of spare parts and service, it doesn’t matter who made your crane. Genuine Konecranes spare parts as well as replacement parts for all other makes and models are on offer.

“The Lifecycle Care programme has been developed to ensure that cranes and associated lifting equipment is optimally maintained throughout its lifespan via the utilisation of our online remote technical and customer portals.

“It has been developed to ensure that our customers have exposure to the latest in technology supported by superior data analytics and that the most cost-efficient solution is found for greater equipment performance, a higher productivity cycle and with significantly less downtime” concluded Grobler.


Ian Grobler
Konecranes and Demag (Pty) Ltd
Tel. +27 11 898 3500

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