TwinCAT 3 consistently supports modern multicore processor technology. The multi-thread capability enables the application to be distributed across several cores. Supplemented by TwinCAT Core Boost, the computing performance of individual real-time or user-mode cores can now be increased by up to 50% in order to get the maximum performance out of the system and adapt it optimally to the respective requirements.

With TwinCAT Core Boost, the clock frequency of the processor cores can be configured individually and as required, so they no longer all have to be clocked at the same rate. The clock rate per core can be defined for real-time transmission and user-mode applications.

It is also possible to operate individual cores permanently and in real-time in a so-called turbo mode. This results in the following application benefits: – up to 50% more computing power for one or more processor cores, – possibility of using more cost-effective CPUs.

The permitted power consumption and temperature of each processor core (and of the overall system) is monitored by TwinCAT Core Boost, so that reliable operation is ensured even when turbo mode is used.

TwinCAT Core Boost can be used with all Industrial PCs with Intel ® Core™ I processors from the 11th generation onwards.


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