Media such as fluids or gases must be shut off, released, dosed, distributed or mixed. These tasks are among the tasks undertaken by solenoid valves. This means that they are subject to countless requirements in a wide range of different application environments. The challenge for the future lies in a sustainable and energy-saving solenoid valve solution.

Valves with electromagnetic coil systems are widespread in order to automatically control gaseous and liquid media. The current demands are therefore to save as much energy as possible across industries, and to use more sustainable, low-maintenance solutions. Switching pressures and requirements for low noise emissions also come into play.

Bürkert is supplying the future-proof answer to these questions with solenoid valves based on the Kick and Drop coil technology.

The solenoid valves with the new Kick and Drop technology are 35% smaller than conventional valves, but just as efficient. Moreover, Kick and Drop prevents environmental impact from occurring, as they work silently and do not cause any unpleasant mains humming or whistling.

Kick and Drop coils are ideal when long duty cycles and high pressures are required, such as for gas or tap water protection valves. They also ensure safe operation in electromagnetically sensitive environments – and anywhere where water containing lime poses a problem.

The Kick and Drop coils enable impressive energy savings, compared to typical coils: it reduces energy consumption by up to 80%. At the same time, solenoid valves with this technology enable up to three times the switching pressure of conventional valves. Our portfolio includes three coil variants with different power ranges to suit your application.

Coils with Kick and Drop technology consist of inrush winding and holding winding. We have completely rethought the tried-and-tested technology with our solenoid valves: rectifier and switching electronics are directly located in the coil. Proprietary control units can be consigned to the cable plugs of the past. This saves time during start-up and ensures longer maintenance intervals for the valve.

A short current pulse generates the required starting power to open the valve. About half a second later, the holding winding is changed to inrush winding in series. This then reduces the required power and ensures that holding operation will save an enormous amount of energy.

Burkert´s Kick and Drop coil technology:

  • saves 80% electrical energy.
  • reduces 100% valve calcification.
  • for building and industrial applications.

Every added value has a benefit for you:

  • The printed circuit board integrated into the coil enables the cable plug to be freely selected, saves tedious adjustments and ensures easy start-up.
  • The Kick and Drop coils ensure a quick power reduction. This comes with a reduced surface temperature, from 92° C to only 52 °C. There is no risk of burns.
  • Thanks to the innovative technology, the self-heating of the coil is reduced by 45 K, which also reduces calcification, and the solenoid valve has an extended service life.
  • You will save up to 35% space due to the compact design and the smaller coil.
  • Thanks to the electronic control in the coil, no disturbing noises occur, such as humming or whistling. This makes application pleasant for humans and animals.
  • The power supply for the dual coil is universal and frequency independent. This means that it can be used worldwide, be it with AC, DC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.


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