The pressure transmitter incorporates an imported silicon piezoresistive sensor as the core pressure measurement component, categorized into three distinct types: simple, sanitary, and industrial.

The simple type pressure transmitter is available in two configurations: Hirschman joint and integrated cable types, both utilizing a single-chip design.

This chip represents a specialized signal conditioning component characterized by high integration, precision, and stability. It employs a 1-wire digital communication calibration mechanism, eliminating the need for potentiometers.

In contrast, the sanitary type pressure transmitter employs a planar diaphragm design, addressing a common issue in pressure transmitters by preventing the accumulation of dirt and impurities in pressure-leading holes.

It incorporates advanced temperature compensation and nonlinear correction technologies, rendering it particularly suitable for applications demanding stringent sanitary conditions, as found in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The industrial pressure transmitter features a high-performance 24-bit AD converter, offering optional backlight LCD display, as well as communication options like HART or RS485. The inclusion of three keyboard buttons facilitates easy adjustments.

Key benefits

  • Streamlined configuration for continuous pressure measurement.
  • Significantly higher precision compared to pressure switches.
  • Enhanced reliability of the constituent elements.
  • Utilization of non-mechanical, maintenance-minimized sensitive components, reducing instances of damage.


HCDP-10 Hersman connector type for process pressure or level measurement.


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