The HDCP series Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter is a high-performance pressure transmitter featuring cutting-edge technology. It has been developed utilizing an internationally advanced monocrystal silicon pressure sensor and a patented packaging process.

This transmitter incorporates a patented double overload protection diaphragm design and an internal circuit surge protection design, ensuring precise measurement of gauge pressure, absolute pressure, flow rate, liquid level, and density.

Designed with a high level of integration and modularized circuit technology, it offers remote transmission, local zero adjustment, and full-range adjustment capabilities.

The HCDP-32 differential pressure transmitter is a double-flange type transmitter designed for remote transmission applications. Its primary purpose is to facilitate continuous and precise measurement of various parameters, including differential pressure in liquids, gases, and steam, and parameters such as liquid level, interface, and density.

Additionally, it is suitable for continuous measurement of gas, liquid, and steam flow when used with a throttling device.


This versatile transmitter finds application in various process control industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, food, papermaking, medicine, machinery manufacturing, scientific experiments, and aviation military sectors.


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