The Bürkert Type 8050 compact electromagnetic flowmeter is designed for the unique demands of water, wastewater, food and beverage, and various other industries. Its applications encompass monitoring water consumption in energy management, facilitating precision in food and beverage production, and optimising heating and cooling processes.

It features adaptable G/NPT thread process connections, compatibility with adapters and a choice between FKM and EPDM sealing versions. Outputs include a switching, analogue and pulse output capabilities, while a multi-parameter sensor makes it capable of monitoring temperature, flow and conductivity (from 20 μS/cm) simultaneously.

Rated IP65/IP67, the Type 8050 has a non-intrusive design, eliminating any obstructions within the pipe, and its sleek and compact housing design allows for easy installation even in limited spaces.

The Type 8050 offers repeatability of ±0.2% of the measured value and high measurement accuracy of ±0.8% of reading and ±0.1% FS, along with a wide operating temperature range of -10 to +70°C, with short-term operation possible at up to 85°C.


Dave Strydom

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