Beckhoff provides a comprehensive package of different cycles for triple-axis milling and drilling with the TwinCAT 3 CNC Milling Base. It facilitates programming for these machines by encapsulating the required processes in parameterizable and reusable modules.

The new TwinCAT CNC cycle package supports a variety of different drilling strategies, ranging from simple centering and deep hole drilling to helical milling, tapping, and thread milling. These can also be combined with the included cycles for drilling patterns to facilitate efficient programming for multiple drilling in various arrangements.

The milling cycles also optimally support the production of slotted holes, grooves, and differently shaped pockets and tenons. This also includes an option for producing customer-specific pockets or tenons based on contour descriptions stored in the NC program, removing remaining residual material using a separate tool, and deburring the resulting milled edges. All cycles offer extensive parameterization options for adaptation to different technological requirements.

Their many features include support for different machining modes (roughing and finishing) and feed directions (conventional or climb milling), and these can be used in all principal planes (G17, G18, G19).

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