Anti-surge valves (ASV) meet the most stringent requirements and in the event of a disturbance, must open lightning fast, with precise positioning and absolute reliability. ASV’s are often used with axial compressors in the steel industry.

One of the world’s leading compressor manufacturers selected Arca anti-surge valves for their compressor stations at a steel mill at Kaohsiung in Taiwan where three pieces were commissioned.

16” / (DN400) ECOTROL® control valves are used to secure the compressor for the blower that supplies air to the blast furnaces. An air supply of between 4 and 5 bars is required in order to achieve sufficiently high temperatures for combustion in the blast furnace.

If, during this process there is an increase in pressure on the consumer side, a return flow will occur in a fraction of a second.

For the compressor, this means that the pressure will abruptly increase and the consequence would be backflow and flow interruption, so that the compressor accelerates (overspeed) due to this cyclical action (pumping).

The consequences would be severe and there are multiple dangers, from damage of the machine blades to total machine loss. To prevent this, the hydraulically controlled valves must react in less than one second in the event of a fast-acting trip.

This means opening in < 1.5 sec max. dead time of < 100 ms – at very high volumetric flow rate and the most stringent requirements on the control performance. A highly demanding task, where there is no second chance.

Arca’s world-class technology convinced them. Thanks to years of experience with compressor valves and our competence in the steel industry, steel production in Taiwan is now also safely regulated.


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