A control valve more than four meters tall for Siemens Energy in Duisburg breaks the internal design height record of ARCA.

In September 2021 there was a special type of acceptance test at one of the ARCA factories in Tönisvorst, Germany. With a design height of 4.20 m, they proved once again that we are a leader in control valve design and manufacture and as a as first contact partner in the field of compressor construction with the production of their “control giant “.

This record was achieved by the pairing of a 24” valve with a special bonnet, which in addition to its conventional components, also includes a bellows seal (DEK4). This seal is specially designed to prevent any emission of the medium through the stuffing box.

Due to the enormous design height, it was necessary to switch to alternative assembly steps, which enabled them to manufacture the valve according to customer requirements.

Along with this colossus, this project from Siemens Energy included a 20” valve and a 62” perforated disc. Siemens Energy requires these valves for a plant owned by Formosa Petrochemical Group, which will be built in the eastern Chinese coastal city of Ningbo.

The control valve is part of a delivery of a gear type turbo compressor train, which will be used in a purified terephthalic acid plant (PTA) to manufacture plastic products.

The compressor train consists of a gear type compressor of the STC-GV (200-4) type and a cold gas expander STC-GT (160-2), which are driven by an electromotor.


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