Bronkhorst’s IQ+FLOW series of miniature mass flow and pressure meters and controllers is widely used by equipment manufacturers in the analytical, biotechnology and life science market.

Due to the application of chip sensors and mini-valves the footprint of single channel instruments is only 20 x 40 mm. This is a great advantage for manufacturers of desktop equipment, who are always looking for optimal space efficiency.

The IQ+FLOW product line has now been extended with pressure instruments with media-isolated pressure sensors. The sensor chip is protected by a stainless-steel diaphragm and oil-filled compartment.

With this new option, the instruments can handle a much wider variety of media than before, including thin gases such as hydrogen and helium. According to the requirements of the aforementioned markets, the instruments have low-outgassing and clean wetted parts.

IQ+FLOW series are available in three configurations: single channel versions for either inline or topmount integration and multi-channel versions.

Compact 2- or 3-channel instruments can be configured on customer specification to measure or control the mass flow and/or the upstream or downstream pressure in a system.


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