The WUD-2x-E model is a particularly compact, ultra high purity transducer for high-accuracy pressure measurement of ultrapure gases in the semiconductor industry. It is the first transducer to use the SDP 5003.2080 and offers maximum security of investment.

Due to minimal signal noise, the sensor provides precise measured values in the long term. Thanks to active temperature compensation, even with high temperature fluctuations. The measured values can be viewed on the display.

Thanks to EtherCATĀ®, the model WUD-2x-E does not have to be disconnected from the network for firmware updates or troubleshooting. This avoids production downtime due to incorrect installation or removal, maximises process safety and allows updating of the instruments.

In addition to pressure values, temperature data or error status can also be transmitted. Instruments can thus be monitored extensively and problems detected at an early stage.


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