With energy prices fluctuating at a persistently high level, companies must continue to deal with the complex problem of energy cost savings. If you want to sustainably reduce energy costs, you first need to know where the causes of unnecessarily high consumption are to be found.

A straight question is therefore: How can efficient energy monitoring be implemented as simply as possible and without high initial and follow-up costs? With the BY000002 and BY000003 gateways, ipf electronic now has a convincing answer to this question.

Everything “onboard” and open source

The gateways with ARM processor are based on a manufacturer-independent platform that ensures high compatibility with all hardware and IT systems currently on the market.

Both the operating system, which is easy to set up, and the web client solution for processing, providing and visualizing the measurement data via a dashboard are already “onboard” and are open source solutions for which neither regular license fees nor update costs are incurred.

Flexible to use and scalable at any time

The gateways for recording energy flows enable either the control and monitoring of an individual plant (e.g. by connecting it to a control system) or can be implemented as networked factory-wide solutions without any complex conversions.

Up to six digital and four analog sensors can be connected directly to a gateway or any number of sensors, e.g. via Modbus.

The devices provide numerous interfaces for this purpose, including analog inputs (4…20mA/0…10V), CAN, RS485, digital IOs and USB2.0, and also support a large number of different protocols such as CAN, MQTT, OPC U/A etc.

Furthermore, the gateways can be extended with the AB000003 module for the acquisition of up to eight additional analog input signals.

The determined data and measured values are stored in the large internal ring memory of the gateways or transferred to a local server or optionally stored in a cloud via a secure VPN connection.

Powerful, versatile visualization

The dynamic dashboard based on open source software takes over the clear visualization of all measured values on a PC or mobile device. The highly flexible web client can be configured in a variety of ways and offers a quick and targeted overview of the most important key figures and variables via numerous display options.

In addition to the BY000002 and BY000003 gateways, ipf electronic offers a whole range of different solutions for decentralized consumption measurements, such as sensors for flow, volume and temperature measurement of electrically conductive liquids and technical gases such as natural gas, measuring transducers for alternating current with integrated current transformers, pressure sensors for detecting gaseous and liquid media, level sensors, and so on.

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