South Africa has been facing energy consumption issues, such as load shedding and power outages, which have affected the smooth operation of business buildings. The use of data loggers can help in identifying opportunities for energy saving, especially for those who are using solar or generated electricity.

The Onset UX120-00M is a four-channel analog data logger that is saving time and frustration for many buyers in South Africa.

This device can monitor measurements such as temperature, AC current and voltage, DC current and voltage, gauge and differential pressure, kilowatts, compressed air flow, and much more.

It is highly user-friendly and has an LCD display for building performance monitoring applications. With flexible support for up to four external sensors, this device has high accuracy and can be used for numerous measurements.

Energy consumption data loggers can help businesses verify and improve energy efficiency by testing, measuring, and analysing data in particular areas where power consumption is a struggle. They can also validate overall building systems performance and ensure that heating, air conditioning, or building control systems are working correctly.

This product has sensors and accessories that are sold separately, allowing users to build onto the high-performance device for endless energy efficiency possibilities. The device requires HOBOware, a software that is used to read and record monitored data.

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Euca Technologies
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