The Delta Ohm HD32.3TC is the latest in portable data loggers servicing microclimate and indoor air quality (IAQ) and PM measurement requirements.

Technically, the HD32.3TC is an advanced device comprising a large memory capacity for long measuring cycles and its rechargeable battery offers an operating autonomy of at least 24 hours.

It has three inputs for probes with SICRAM modules, which are automatically recognised when the instrument is turned and has one RS485 serial port for auxiliary probes. It is mostly used in combination with a table stand (small tripod).

The HD32.3TC offers a backlit colour graphic LCD display with capacitive touch for ease of navigation across numerous screens and the data is clearly displayed immediately.

Delta Ohm also offer the HD32.3TCA to be used with a stable tripod, suitable to be used for measurements during a longer period. Both are fully compatible with the applicable ISO7730, ISO7726 and ISO7243 regulations.

Jan Grobler
GHM Messtechnik South Africa
Tel. +27 11 902 0158

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