“Monitoring of the pH balance of water across all sectors of industry plays a major role in ensuring that the quality of the water is compliant with the required pH ranges for the application.

An incorrect pH balance will affect potable water and wastewater plant due to the seeping of toxic materials into the systems. The importance is vast” said Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa.

Greisinger, a member of the GHM Group offers a pH measurement instrument, the GPHU014 pH transducer, which allows easy to manage pH measurement. Several transducers were recently installed in a water treatment plant in Austria that required numerous pH measuring points throughout the plant for exact control of the metering systems in order to meet the Austrian Drinking Water Ordinance.

Grobler said “In the Austrian water treatment plant the pH measuring devices were installed in the untreated water supply, as well as upstream and downstream. The GPHU014 coupled with the GE 117 pH electrodes were easily integrated into the existing plant system by screwing the pH probs into the measuring points.

No further adaptations or adjustments were required”.

The GPHU014 device has a robust housing and is simple to use. It is easily and quickly integrated into existing systems and requires no special operating experience eliminating the need for plant personnel training.

It is a high-quality pH measuring transducer with an automatic temperature compensation (in the case of infected temperature sensor). The device is capable of calibration and the sensor input is galvanically isolated.

The transducer gives a pH reading range of 0.00 – 14.00 pH. It has an onsite digital display, power supply of 12 to 30 V DC and a BNC sensor input for simple replacement of electrodes. An angle plug connector keeps the installation simplistic.

“In keeping with superior German technology, the GPHU014 offers customers precise and accurate pH measurement at an affordable cost. Industries that require strict pH balance in their processes will find this transducer’s performance is fully optimised” concluded Grobler.


Jan Grobler

Messtechnik South Africa
Tel. +27 11 902 0158


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