Due to persistently rising energy costs, savings in this area are a top priority for almost all companies, especially for electricity and natural gas. However, anyone who wants to reduce the cost of natural gas consumption must first know where the potential sources of possibly unnecessarily high consumption are located in a company.

Flow sensors from ipf electronic provide all the necessary data and other valuable information.

For continuous consumption measurements of natural gas, so-called insertion sensors such as the SY87F001 and flow sensors with integrated measuring section such as the SY90E293 are available. Both solutions are suitable for trouble-free retrofitting into existing piping systems.

Due to their simple installation and handling, insertion sensors are particularly suitable as an entry-level solution.

For example, the SY87F001 can be installed quickly and easily under pressure via a ½” ball valve and is immediately ready for use after parameterization. Flow sensors such as the SY90E293 already integrate a measuring section for line cross sections from R ¼” to R 2″.

This doesn’t only simplify installation, but also ensures that the sensor elements in the device always receive an optimum flow, completely independent of the respective installation situation, in order to always obtain reliable measurement results.

Insertion sensors like the SY87F001 have a probe length of 220mm (up to max. DN80″) and are pressure resistant up to max. 50bar. Flow sensors with integrated measuring section such as the SY90E293 have a pressure resistance up to a maximum of 16bar. Both solutions are parameterized via a TFT display, whereby the desired units (m3/h, m3/min, l/min, l/s, kg/h, kg/min, kg/s, cfm) can be freely selected.

The devices have an analog output (4…20 mA), a galvanically isolated pulse output and a Modbus interface for the connection e.g. to energy management systems, building control systems, PLC, SCADA, etc. Optionally, the sensors are also available with an Ethernet (Modbus/TCP optionally with PoE) or an M-Bus interface.

With the flow sensors from ipf electronic, targeted savings potentials can be identified in order to take effective measures for lower natural gas consumption with sustainably reduced energy costs. In addition, the solutions create the transparency required for even better calculation of future consumption. The measurement data transmitted via the Modbus interface or the analog output can be stored, evaluated and documented.

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