Kinetrol can select, supply and actuate ball, butterfly and plug valves from across the industry or mount free issue valves to Kinetrol actuators and control units for either on / off or modulating valve service.

With over 60 years of valve automation experience Kinetrol can also offer a wide range of engineered and customised packages including assemblies which are SIL rated and/or fully compliant with ATEX, NEC or IEC requirements.

Kinetrol is continually responding to the evolving requirements of the industry for interfacing and mounting arrangements that satisfy user needs and conform to industry standards.

The Kinetrol female drive spring fail-safe and manual fail-safe spring unit options with mounting flanges that conform to ISO 5211 standard, facilitate direct mounting to valves.

The innovative, patented ISO adaptor for Kinetrol models 02 – 09 provides versatile direct mounting to ISO top works valves.

Kinetrol’s direct mounting limit switch boxes, positioners and other control modules eliminate the cost of interfacing hardware resulting in compact assemblies.

The larger actuators, models 16 and above also offer a drive slot and insert option which is designed to interface with ancillary drives which comply to VDI/VDE 3485 norm.

Our rigorous QA and test procedures ensure that effective solutions are engineered and built to the highest standard.

Zjaan Haarhoff
Tel. +27 11 708 6455

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