The Explosion Proof Limit Switch Box offers a wide range of signalling options in a compact corrosion resistant aluminium alloy housing. Available for close – mounting onto Kinetrol actuators or discrete mounting via a Kinetrol 05 square or industry standard VDI/VDE interface onto any make of rotary actuator.

Easy to wire and set up with true industrial robustness. Internally fitted options include AS interface digital communication and a 4-20mA, 2-wire, modulating angle retransmit circuit.

The range of switches and terminal arrangements includes 2 or 4 switches and extra connections – allowing single point termination of wiring for limit switches and solenoid valves. This product is available to mount on Kinetrol models 03 – 60.

Zjaan Haarhoff
Tel. +27 11 708 6455

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