Jumo has bundled the company’s expertise in the SIL (Safety Integrity Level) and PL (Performance Level) fields for many years. Now this portfolio – using the name JSP (Jumo Safety Performance) – has been expanded to include another important measurand. It enables the reliable detection and measurement of process-critical point levels and filling levels for liquids. Jumo offers solutions for the measuring point up to SIL 2 according to IEC 61508.

This system solution is based on the products of the Jumo NESOS series that is available in various expansion stages to suit customer requirements. Flexible options are available including the SIL-qualified sensor with all required safety-related characteristic values, SIL-certified sensors, and the certified measuring point. Qualification and certification was carried out by an independent test facility.

The JSP can also be used reliable to detect line faults such as short circuits and cable breaks, ranging from the sensor to the actuator. Solutions can also be implemented in combination with applications in explosion-protection area and flameproof enclosures as well as in shipbuilding. This allows application in fields of liquid gas and hydrogen, steam boilers, bioreactors or solvent purification plants.

The product ranges under the Jumo Safety Performance brand, now include complete solutions for temperature, pressure and filling level. In addition, JSP focuses on a high level of consulting expertise with on-line assistance.


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