For almost 40 years now, EXAIR Corporation has been devoted to a singular goal of providing quiet, safe, and efficient compressed air products for industry. In that time, their product offering has grown considerably … and it’s just taken another leap with the TurboBlast Safety Air Gun.

Starting at the “business end”, these use the tried-and-true High Force Super Air Nozzles. With up to 23 pounds (10.43 Kg) of applied force, these are among the hardest hitting compressed air products on the market. That’s almost 28 times the force of the standard Super Air Nozzle, and is ideal for large area clean up, slag or flash removal, blowing off stubborn debris & liquid, etc.

To protect the engineered Air Nozzle and ensure long life, they’ve included a replaceable protective guard, preventing damage from incidental contact in the aggressive applications these are aimed at.

Five different Super Air Nozzles are offered. They all come, standard, with a 1ft extension. If additional reach is desired, they can also be fitted with 3ft or 6ft rigid pipe extensions. They all have a soft, ergonomic grip, ensuring comfort during extended periods of use.

An optional Gate Valve allows for “on the fly” control of air flow & force. A simple turn of the collar adjusts the flow for a range of variable performance, as dictated by the needs of the application, much like the handheld control offered by their VariBlast Precision and Compact Safety Air Guns.


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