Position indicators are used in a wide range of sectors and for all production environments, as almost all machines and systems feature guide elements, material stops or tools which require precise and reliable positioning or alignment.

The digital position indicators monitor roller adjustment on sheet metal bending machines. The solid cast design of the counters withstands the extreme mechanical influences under tough conditions such as those on round sheet polishing machines, ensuring exact manufacturing.

They are also suitable for a wide range of wood-processing applications.  Several work steps are often performed on a single machine, panels cut and milled and edges glued and polished. Digital position indicators are also used as adjustment aids in the metal, plastic and wood processing industries.

SIKO’S mechanical digital position indicators are functional and highly adaptive by virtue of the interaction of their variable gear ratios and unique modular roll indicator.  Digital indicators are an evolution of the handwheel with analog displays.  If users have to log several rotations, it requires specific technology with two pertinent features:

  • A multi-digit display including a digital point and fine reader for optimum reading precision.
  • A gear unit that can be customised to suit individual requirements which “converts” a shaft rotation into an easily understandable unit of measurement.

Position values can be monitored reliably and directly on the shaft or spindle with the original SIKO counters. The device slides directly onto the shaft, and is secured in place.


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