Compared to other technologies, the LTM-2 has proven reliable in measuring the froth/slurry interface in the mining Industry over the span of the last decade. Trusted by customers in the following flotation operations:

  • Copper Flotation
  • Gold Flotation
  • Molybdenum
  • Platinum
  • Nickel

To name but a few.

The proven reliability and accurate measurement of this interface give customers the confidence to trust the LTM-2 in these operations in providing accurate level measurement, which in turn translates to stable control of flotation circuits.

The LTM-2 gives a near instantaneous signal (100mS update time). It is not affected by density changes in the liquid, needing only a 50 µS/cm conductivity in the liquid to be able to operate efficiently in this application. Once installed and calibrated it does not require re-calibration or maintenance, which makes this Instrument ideal for the mining and related industries.

Applications for this device are not limited to the mining industry. The LTM-2 is an excellent device for use in all level applications where high accuracy is required especially where froth/ foam is present.

Continuous Level Sensor

  • Continuous level measurement in metallic vessels up to 3m in height.
  • Ideal for adhesive and pasty media.
  • Level measurement of foaming media.
  • Minimum product conductivity 50 µS/cm.
  • Substitute for float sensors.
  • Reliable interface measurement

Application Examples

  • Level measurements in first running vessels of dosing plants.
  • Flotation cell level measurement.
  • Sump level measurement.


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