The Greasebuster™ is highly effective at removing large amounts of and heavy fats present in bakeries, ready-made meal manufacturers and meat processors etc.

Effective at removing heavy materials, the Greasebuster™ can remove heavy oils and grease from metal machining and other similar industries.

Simple effective technology

Placed directly into the tank, the simple technology allows for effective removal of fats, oils and greases from the surface of the water using hydrophobic belt materials. This belt works continuously to lift FOG from the wastewater whilst rejecting water. The FOG is then scraped from the belt and deposited into a collection vessel for recovery.

In above ground tanks the Greasebuster™ can be attached to the wall of the tank and in underground tanks the flotation variant allows the Greasebuster™ to float in the tank and FOG is removed with an integral slurry pump to a surface collection vessel.


  • Removes fats, oils and grease whilst rejecting water
  • Prevents pipe and sewer blockages
  • Simple installation
  • 24/7 operation
  • Removes up to 8m3 of FOG per day *
  • Temperature range of operation up to 50°C
  • Reduces wastewater bills through COD and solids reduction
  • Reduces risk of environmental prosecution
  • Removes microthrix, filamentous growth and floating solid waste
  • Belt speed control and thermostatic temperature control


  • Municipal treatment plants and sewerage networks
  • Industrial effluent streams containing fats, oils and grease
  • Food, mineral and surface solids removal
  • Oil contaminated water cleaning
  • Heavy duty oil removal
  • Sludge removal


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