In today’s working environment, especially in the Cement Industry, it is essential that all economic and safety issues are addressed. By using inferior equipment, you could see an increase in breakdowns, system shutdowns, material waste and even fatalities. Kinetrol units can be used in many processes across a Cement Plant. These include:

Pneumatic Vehicle Unloading

Rail and road vehicles can be unloaded using pneumatic conveying systems. Kinetrol can be used to control the flow of material on these systems. Flow into silos needs to be controlled to reduce abrasion and wear as well as prevent product deterioration.

Silo Discharge

Flow control gates are used for controlling, metering and shutting off the discharge of material from silos and bins. Kinetrol assemblies give accurate control of gates to give controlled feed of cement. Air Cooler Dampers

Damper valves control the air intake into the clinker cooler. Manual handle override exists in case of power failure.

Distribution Loading

Flow control gates controlled by Kinetrol actuator and positioner assemblies feed vibratory conveyors that feed the truck loading chutes. The precision and control offered by the these assemblies means vehicles can be quickly and accurately filled. The robustness of the assemblies mean they can withstand the harsh dusty environment.


Controlling the flow of cement to the bagging area allows for better productivity and downtime. Positioner assemblies allow for cement flow to be accurately regulated. Units are also installed on automated cement sampling units ensuring consistent quality.

Emission Control

A number of companies use Kinetrol actuator packages in their environment impact solutions. These systems can be used to reduce carbon dioxide and dust levels emitted from a plant.

Cement Depots

In addition to cement plants a number of these applications, e.g. silo discharge are replicated in cement depots. The Kinetrol Rotary Vane Actuator consists of a single moving part. It is therefore the simplest and most reliable unit for quarter turn rotary actuation.

It has multiple advantages over standard Rack & Pinion actuators, cylinders and motor drives, especially in terms of durability, reliability, efficiency, accuracy and compact size.


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