The SIKO Inclinometer IK360L is capable of working under the roughest and toughest of conditions. These inclinometer sensors conform to protection classes IP68 and IP69k and is protected against access with a wire as well as being dustproof. It is also protected against permanent immersion and infiltration by water under high-pressure and vapour steam cleaning (i.e. road vehicles).

The analogue inclinometer is housed in a PBT fibre-glass, reinforced casing and is easily installed with a 3-point mount. The unit compensates for temperature, operating between -40° to +85°. The unit can also operate within a lateral deviation of +/-45°.

SIKO’s Inclinometer IK360L features a compact one-axis inclinometer with integrated electronics and a system accuracy of +/-0,5° (-10…+40°C). The measurement of inclination for one axis is 0 – 360°; dual-axis:  +/- 80°, resolution: 0,01° and has a response time sensor of 10 ms (without filter).

The different interfaces available are RS-232+I, RS-232+U (0…10 Volt) or CANopen (bus-compatible).  Programmable parameters are Resolution, Preset, Software filters.  It also features a ‘Teach-In’ function that measures range, zero point or measurement direction.

SIKO’s Inclinometer IK360L finds application in mobile automation:

  • Ensuring the horizontal position of the workman’s basket or fire brigade engines
  • Monitoring of the levelling of vehicles with tracks (construction) to avoid overturning
  • Position measurement of the shovel of dredging vehicles


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