Glass manufacture requires special equipment for non-contact temperature measurement due to its physical properties. In addition to the special infrared thermometers, Optris, locally represented by Instrotech, has on offer an industry-specific, thermal imaging camera Optris PI 450 G7 with 7.9μm filter.

Optris cameras are highly regarded in the industry due to their compact design and the excellent price-performance ratio, and with the new G7 model of the PI series, processes in the glass industry can now be regulated by even more highly accurate temperature measurement on glass surfaces.

Application as line scan camera for tempering processes

The Optris PI 450 G7 infrared camera can be used for various tasks in the production, refinement and processing of glass panes, glass bottles and other glass products.  The line-scan camera function which, in the tempering of toughened glass for instance, measures the temperature distribution between the heating zone and the cooling zone, and automatically regulates heating or cooling elements where necessary.

It can also measure pane temperature during transport of glass panes on conveyor belts using the line-scan feature of the license-free Optris PI Connect software.

At an ambient temperature of up to 70°C, the infrared camera is fully operational without a cooling jacket. With a jacket size of 46x56x90 mm3 and a weight of 320 grams (including the lens), Optris PI 450 G7 is particularly suited for applications in confined spaces and for installation in industrial facilities. Due to an imaging frequency of 80 Hz, glass products can be continuously tested, even in fast processing.

The typical parameters of Optris cameras – high measurement speed (80 Hz), high optical resolution (382 x 288 pixels) and compact design – have been kept to allow for the capturing of real-time thermal images of everything from glass beads right up to large panes.

The IR camera is used as a line-scan camera in the field of sheet glass production and offers various possibilities for documenting and controlling the process. This compact, high-performance infra-red camera for the glass industry is available with interchangeable lenses and industrial accessories.

The camera is shipped with Optris PI Connect, an extensive thermographic analysis software package.



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