OMRON has announced the addition of the RT1-Series for industrial remote access into its line up of industrial automation solutions. The turnkey solution enables remote corrective maintenance without costly and time-consuming onsite visits. With remote access, users can view and control interfaces, troubleshoot equipment, and install updates without the need for traveling.

The RT1-series from OMRON, powered by Secomea, encompasses all software and hardware components needed for efficient, easy, and secure remote maintenance. The remote access solution completes OMRON’s wide offering of industrial automation solutions and drastically increases machine uptime whilst reducing the need for onsite visits.

OMRON’s goal is to offer a full service for our customers for every aspect of their production architecture. The OMRON automation platform is now extended with the remote access solution, to make sure our customers can remotely respond to any issues that may arise at production sites running 24/7. A Remote Access solution can drastically reduce the need to travel and other costs, as well as CO2 emissions associated with machine troubleshooting and maintenance.

Main Features and Benefits of the RT1-Series:

  • DIN mountable industrial gateway that can be installed in machine control panels to provide remote access for on-demand, real-time servicing of industrial equipment.
  • Security certified and built-in firewall
  • Troubleshooting and remote programming of a wide range of OMRON automation solutions
  • Service-ready device to improve responsiveness, reduce the impact of emergencies, optimize the workload of engineers and maximize machine availability and productivity
  • Minimized environmental impact and increased sustainability by reducing the need for travel for machine maintenance


Cezanne Gonsior

Omron Electronics (Pty) Ltd
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