The FMQ electromagnetic flow meter is a tried- and tested, extremely versatile, robust, and reliable device for all conductive media. The performance spectrum is tailored to almost all applications, including dosing and filling applications.

IO-Link in Flex-Hybrid technology: digital or analog communication

  • Extremely compact: Minimal size of measuring body and electronics allow easy, vibration-insensitive integration into almost all applications
  • Extremely robust: All components are completely made of stainless steel. The magnetic field coils of the measuring system are consistently encapsulated, which guarantees permanently reliable, precise measuring results even in very harsh environments with strong vibrations or pressure surges
  • Extremely reliable: Completely protected against moisture, corrosion, and vibrations; vacuum-proof tube lining made of high-quality PFA; process temperature up to 100°C (212 °F), CIP & pigging possible.
  • Always accurate: Automatic signal processing ensures correct measured values even when changing media (e.g. milk/CIP cleaner)
  • Easy commissioning and operation: User-friendly, rotatable display with optical buttons, no opening of the housing, no mechanical buttons, for quick and easy programming
  • Manufacturer-independent process connection: Standard aseptic flange according to DIN 11864, with O-ring (no sanitary-sensitive surface seal), pipe standard DN10 …DN100 (1/2”…4”)
  • Remote version (separate electronics) available, cable length from 1 to 10 m

Technical specifications

  • Flex-Hybrid Technology with digital + analog interface (IO-Link + 4…20 mA)
  • Measuring range from 30 l/h to 640 000 l/h
  • Measuring accuracy: ±0,5% ±2mm/s
  • For liquids, mashes and pastes with a conductivity of > 5 μS/cm
  • Process temperature up to 100 °C (212 °F) permanently
  • CIP-/ SIP-cleaning up to 130 °C (266 °F) / max. 30 minutes


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