Instrotech is offering Kobold model KSV flow meters and switches for very low flows with and without control valves – so even the lowest possible liquid or gas flow rates can be measured.

Specifically for liquids or air, the KSV operates on the suspended float principle. The direction of flow is from bottom to top, and the installation position is vertical. The indication point is the upper edge of the ball. The device has been designed as a simple, and thus economical measuring system. The optional needle valve allows economical control and the device has been designed for panel mounting.

Kobold’s KSV flow meters are acid and caustic-proof, made of polycarbonate and brass or polysulfone and stainless steel materials. They are highly suited for advanced applications in medical technology because these units are sterilizable, operating at temperatures of +120°C.

They can also be used for a wide range of applications in the analytical instrumentation field, within production and environmental monitoring, as well as in laboratory measurement and monitoring technology.

They are shock resistant, small (panel cut-out 93 + 0.5mm x 23 +0.5mm), lightweight and very simple to install.

Available measuring ranges include:

  • Water 0.25-1.5…10-80l/h
  • Air 20-80 Nl/h…0.5 – 2-5Nm3/h
  • Accuracy: + 6% of full scale

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