Jumo variTRON 300 provides users with a smart solution for simple automation applications. The device is based on the Jumo Jupiter platform which results in the variTRON using a large number of features from this high-quality embedded system.

The unit is based on a powerful CPU with an 800 MHz singke-core processor. The software has a modular structure based on a Linux platform and uses CODESYS V3.5 programming environment SP16. Another special feature is a customer specific configuration and process data editor. In addition, individual applications can be created using the modern programming environment Node-RED.

The CPU unit has one USB host, two Ethernet interfaces, and one RS485 connection as options. Up to 32 wireless Jumo Wtrans sensors can be connected via a wireless gateway for various purposes including measuring temperature or pressure.

A large selection of connection modules with high quality, configurable analog inputs and reliable, independent PID controllers with an autotuning function can be connected using a specially developed 1-port router. Displays in various formats are available for visualization.

The intuitive evaluation and visualisation of process data fr4om the Jumo variTrans 300 automatic system is possible with the browser-based software solution Jumo smartWARE Evaluation. Individual dashboards allow targeted and fast access to recorded process data. Manipulation detection based on digital certificates ensures high data security.

Jumo provides visualisation libraries for individual customer-specific operation via CODESYS Remote TargetVisu or CODESYS WebVisu. A high degree of flexibility is also guaranteed by the integration of all important fieldbus systems via CODESYS (such as Modbus RTU or TCP master and slave, PROFINET 10 controller, EtherCAT master, and OPC UA server).

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