In the industrial environment, solutions for Device and Update Management (DaUM) often use a specific process called a vendor to distribute files to proprietary devices and install them based on the manufacturer. With the DaUM Service from Phoenix Contact, based on PLCnext Technology, it is possible to manage and update automation devices regardless of their manufacturer.

In this case, the devices can be PLCs, I/O modules, frequency converters, robots, network devices, power supplies, or other components used in automation technology.

To enable this, the DaUM Service uses standardized protocols such as OPC UA. It is not just this ability to update many different components within the automation system that is new, but also the fact that security is ensured consistently at all levels of the system.

Any communication tasks or commands are only performed if they have been authenticated and authorized. Here, reference is strictly made to IEC 62443.

A further feature of the DaUM service is the option of being able to operate it on various levels. The DaUM Service can be operated on an edge PC in the system, on a central server instance of the user, or on an automation device, depending on the application and system size.


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