With millions of actuators performing reliably around the world, the Kinetrol’s vane actuator’s outstanding cycle life, smooth and precise movement, and environmentally rugged design makes it the best choice for all of your valve actuation needs.
Kinetrol engineered the first rotary vane actuators in 1958. The rotary design is based upon a single moving part which eliminates additional parts required to convert linear motion to rotary motion.
This simple and innovative design provides a highly accurate and extremely reliable actuator for operating valves, drives and dampers, and is perfectly suited for the most demanding process control control applications.
• Torque outputs up to 356977 lbf ins (40765 Nm).
• A single moving part.
• Compact size combined with high torque output.
• Easy double-acting to spring-return conversion.
• Very accurate modulation for quarter-turn control valves.
• Dual-opposed, low friction lip seals for extremely long life.
• Totally enclosed spring housing, not exposed to corrosive atmospheres.
• No pressure retaining shaft seals or O-Rings.
• Fast operation with large ports and no air restrictions.
• 80-100 deg. rotation standard, adjustable and fixed.

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